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Almost Home Program

Serving a Critical Need

The Almost Home program is a unique transitional living option for children ages 13-21 who no longer have the option to live with their parents. The youth who participate in this program come from very troubling backgrounds often including severe abuse or neglect and resulting in a number of mental health challenges. Placement in one of our three homes is generally led by the Department of Social Services or the South Dakota Department of Corrections. We work closely with social workers to ensure children have a safe, nurturing environment in a community close to siblings and other family members.

We strive to set up children in the Almost Home Program to succeed as adults. These children need independent living skills development, social support and supervision. This program gives youth an opportunity to take on responsibility and develop skills in a home environment supported by a professional treatment team. Each home is managed by a couple who works with a small group of 4-6 children in similar life situations.

For children in our program, activities you may find routine can prove to be stressful – from ordering coffee to going to the library to making friends. We work with each child to ensure they have life skills to feel confident. Additionally, children are given tools to develop personal financial management skills, manage medication and achieve education goals. Individual and group therapy sessions are integral to the success of the children in the program and all cases are managed by our full time Almost Home Program Supervisor, Nikki Kraft.

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