Committed to Our Clients

Our staff at Northeastern Mental Health Center share a common goal; we don’t get wrapped up with a diagnosis, instead we celebrate strengths and focus on the recovery process through a holistic approach that improves the quality of life for our clients and their families. Our specialists come from a variety of backgrounds and bring years of experience and creative solutions for managing mental health challenges. We take great care in adding team members and we’re confident you’ll have an impactful, personal experience with us.

Medical Staff
  • Carol Shoultz, RN Registered Nurse
  • Deana Muller Deana Muller, RN Registered Nurse
  • Lauri Wolter, CNP Certified Nurse Practictioner

Therapists & Case Managers
  • Aaron Marker, CAC
  • Adam Conner
  • Adrianne Geditz, MSW
  • Angela Skinner
  • Anne Quast, MS, LPC
  • Ashley Beck
  • Bailey Roshau, MS, LPCMH
  • Bondell Raeder-Aleck - Clinical Specialist Bondell Raeder-Aleck, MRC, CRC, LAC
  • Brian Dannen, MS, LPC-MH, QMHP
  • Caity Jasperson, LCSW
  • Caylee Pearson, LPC
  • Danielle Livermont, MS, LPCMH, QMHP
  • Dreena Wertz, MS, LPC, QMHP
  • Eran Cochran
  • Hannah Lopes
  • Hannah Swanson
  • Hannah Wiedebush, MS
  • Jacob Eddy, MS
  • Janell Shottenkirk
  • Janis McDaniel
  • Jenifer Toennies, MS, QMHP
  • Jennifer Ehresmann, MS
  • Jim White Jim White, MS Ed, LAC, QMHP
  • Jocelyn Kremer
  • Joni Clark, MS, LPC, QMHP
  • Lauretta Bebo, MS
  • Liesl Hovel, MS
  • Lindsay Hauer, CAC
  • Lori German, MS, LMFT, QMHP
  • Luke Voorhees, ACT
  • Megan Kruse Megan Kruse, MS, LPC, QMHP
  • Megan Neal, MS, QMHP
  • Michele Fritz, MS, LPCMH, QMHP
  • Nancy Yada
  • Nikki Kraft, LSWA
  • Patty Schwan, M.Ed. , LPC-MH, LMFT, QMHP
  • Raquel Ball, MS
  • Shandalyn Lather, ACT
  • Shantel Nelson
  • Shelby Wipf, M.Ed., LPC, QMHP
  • Stephanie Fritz, MS
  • Traci Feathers

Impact Team
  • Carol Shoultz, RN Registered Nurse
  • Hannah Swanson Case Manager

Leadership & Support
  • Amy Sanderson, MSW, LCSW-PIP, QMHP Clinical Director
  • Lisa German Lisa German Finance Director
  • Rebecca Voigt Human Resource Director Rebecca Voigt Human Resource Director
  • Robyn Stemper Clinical Supervisor Robyn Kunzman, MS, LPC-MH, LAC, QMHP Clinical Supervisor
  • Susan Kornder Executive Director Susan Kornder, MSW, LCSW-PIP, QMHP Executive Director

Substance Abuse Treatment Team
  • Aaron Marker, CAC
  • Jim White Jim White, MS Ed, LAC Substance Abuse Superviser
  • Lindsay Hauer, CAC
  • Luke Voorhees, ACT
  • Robyn Stemper Clinical Supervisor Robyn Kunzman, MS, LPC-MH, LAC, QMHP Clinical Supervisor
  • Shandalyn Lather, ACT

24/7 Crisis Resources

There will be no charge for you to reach out to any of these resources.



Call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Text TALK to


For LGBTQ young people

Call Trevor Suicide Prevention Lifeline 866-488-7386

Chat at

Text START to 678678