Taking the first step to begin treatment is often the most difficult phase of a person’s path to recovery. We congratulate you for embarking on this journey. Whether you’re facing this challenge yourself or researching information for someone you care about, we are glad you considered NEMHC during this difficult time and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Forget the Therapy Stigma

Therapy has gotten a bit of a bad rap for being necessary only for serious, mental issues. People who attend therapy sessions have unfairly earned the label of being crazy or being weak because they can’t deal with their problems. Once upon a time, therapy was a resource for only extreme situations, but thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Most people face challenges a number of times in their life and would benefit from the chance to speak with a therapist. We encourage you to embrace the importance of mental health and the role therapy can play. Many people choose therapy in an effort to resolve a specific issue or to cope with major life transitions and changes.

Setting an Appointment

To make an appointment, give us a call at our main office – (605) 225-1010. During that call we’ll ask a series of questions to ensure we’re matching you with the best therapist to fit your needs. We’ll start with what prompted your call – we want to get a sense of how you’re feeling and what about your life isn’t as you’d like. Additionally we’ll be asking for demographic details like age, gender, race, and marriage status. We do not discriminate based on any of these factors but use these to gain perspective and consider which of our therapists you are most likely to connect with in therapy.

Not ready for an appointment?

Spend some more time on our site getting to know us and the services we offer. If you have questions about anything, please call, there is no obligation to set an appointment.

Pairing You With a Therapist

At Northeastern Mental Health we understand that finding the therapist that is right for you is an important step, and one that we carefully evaluate. We consider the challenges you’re facing and how those challenges align with any special training or past experience that our therapists may have. We take into account demographic details and any preferences of demographics in your therapist. If you feel a young male would be an ideal fit, we do our best to accommodate. We also consider the urgency of service needed as well as where you’re physically located.

What to Expect During Therapy

In an individual therapy session, we start with an initial consultation to dive a bit deeper into the challenges you face. Your therapist will also try to get an accurate picture of your family situation, your childhood history, if appropriate, or any other relevant issues or problems. We may recommend involving your family members as part of the initial consultation (and future sessions) but will ultimately leave that decision to you. During subsequent sessions, your therapist will help you gain a better understanding of your situation, provide emotional support and work with you to create goals and a specific individual plan to improve how you manage your current challenges. We take a holistic approach and consider all aspects of your life that are impacted by your situation. This is a big reason we like to involve family members as part of the therapy sessions. We are not quick to prescribe a medication but instead consider alternative options to gain improvements in your life. Typically each individual therapy session lasts between 45-60 minutes, depending on your situation.

Length of Counseling

Each person that comes through our doors is different and unique, and the length of your therapy will depend on your personal situation. In some instances, one or two sessions can address an issue while for others it may take a few months. In some cases it may be recommended you see a therapist regularly, on a long-term basis. We’ll work with you to determine the frequency and length of your visits that allows you to meet the goals in your individual plan.

Woman Smiling - Length of Counseling

Paying for Therapy

Most of NEMHC’s services are covered by the majority of insurance plans. Your employer may also offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which typically covers the cost of 3-5 sessions of counseling for their employees.

We care about your mental health and safety and we want you to put this above everything else, including your financial ability to pay. If you can’t afford counseling, please speak with us about your options. NEMHC offers a discounted/sliding fee schedule and no one is denied access to services due to their inability to pay.

Typically each individual therapy session lasts between 45-60 minutes, depending on your situation.

Ready to give us a call?

Whether you have additional questions or you’re ready to start your journey with an appointment, pick up the phone and give us a call at (605) 225-1010. We serve northeastern South Dakota in a 10 county region. Regardless of where you are, we are here for you.

24/7 Crisis Resources

There will be no charge for you to reach out to any of these resources.



Call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Text TALK to


For LGBTQ young people

Call Trevor Suicide Prevention Lifeline 866-488-7386

Chat at trevorchat.org

Text START to 678678