What is Psychiatry?

Psychiatry is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Psychiatric services are lead by our medical team who are trained to manage both physical and mental considerations for clients. Like our therapists, our medical team works with clients to develop goals and an individualized plan to eliminate or control symptoms to improve the quality of life.

Treatments Used in Psychiatry

At NEMHC we employ what’s commonly known as talk therapy as part of a client’s treatment plan. Therapy may take the form of individual therapy, couples counseling, family therapy or group counseling. We use a variety of approaches within each of these types of therapy settings. We may address behaviors or thought patterns or we may look at the effect of past relationships on experiences on present behaviors. Treatment may take just a few sessions or could take numerous sessions over multiple years, it depends on the disorder and the goals set forth by our clients.

Medication may be prescribed in combination with therapy. After our medical team has conducted a thorough evaluation, it may be determined that medicine would be a beneficial component to add to a client’s treatment plan. Psychiatric medications can help correct imbalances in brain chemistry that are thought to be involved in some mental disorders. As part of our psychiatric services, our medical team monitors the effectiveness and any potential side effects for all prescribed medications.

team of mental health professionals ready to help with psychiatric services

24/7 Crisis Resources

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Call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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For LGBTQ young people

Call Trevor Suicide Prevention Lifeline 866-488-7386

Chat at trevorchat.org

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