Childhood Services

We provide treatment to children who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder which includes a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with communication, social skill deficits and repetitive behaviors. It’s our goal to provide tools to better address functional social skill needs for children with Autism.

Adult Services

In addition to serving children, we have services designed to assist adults with an autism diagnosis. We provide services across several areas and create a therapy plan, with the adult present, to suit the needs of each client. Services may include working on healthy communication, increasing independence, daily living skill needs, community involvement and coordination with other agencies such as: Vocational Rehabilitation, Independent Living Choices, Adult Services, etc.

What to Expect of Services

We begin by assessing the skills and needs of the individual. We use a multi-disciplinarian approach to gain perspective from everyone identified by the individual. This includes family members, doctors and school staff along with other providers such as speech, occupational and physical therapists. We’ll work with parents, daycare providers and school staff members to educate and equip them to better meet the needs of the child. With this information, we coordinate with the treatment team to develop therapy goals that directly meet the needs of the child and/or family.

We do not diagnose children or adults with autism, however we are here to help both the child and parent, or the individual, to better identify and address therapy needs. Our services are based on the individual and/or family needs. To inquire more about our autism spectrum services, please call us to schedule an appointment.

24/7 Crisis Resources

There will be no charge for you to reach out to any of these resources.



Call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Text TALK to


For LGBTQ young people

Call Trevor Suicide Prevention Lifeline 866-488-7386

Chat at

Text START to 678678